Discover the Future of Finance with uQuant DeFi Protocol + DAO

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uQuant is a fully transparent decentralized platform built on blockchain technology and smart contracts. The DAO uses a quantitative trading fund that operates profit mining on DeFi, starting with the arbitrage trading system on the BSC chain.

This is a true goldmine to explore and earn enormous profits. The difference from the rest of the market is that we share profits with everyone based on a unique architecture.

Officially launched with a profit-sharing model and is operated by data analysts and blockchain experts. We believe that the enormous profits from the decentralized finance space is a fair opportunity for everyone.

uquant defi pillars

Imagine earning substantial rewards by simply being a part of this groundbreaking movement. Even if those who are just starting to explore the world of DeFi, uQuant provides a platform for everyone to capitalize on the immense potential of decentralized finance. The future of financial growth and empowerment is here!

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity. Join today and unlock a world of endless possibilities in the decentralized finance space. Together, we’ll navigate the realms of data-driven trading and blockchain innovation, redefining how we engage with the financial landscape. Get ready to seize your share of the decentralized finance gold rush with µQuant!

MuQuant Profit-Sharing Model

muquant profit sharing model
muquant decentralized arbitrage system

Example Trade

DAI/USDC is trading on Curve at $1, while DAI/USDC is trading on UniSwap at $0.99. A trader can take advantage of this opportunity by using a flash loan as follows (as shown in the figure below):

  • Take out a flash loan of 100,000 DAI from Aave.
  • Exchange 100,000 DAI for 101,010 USDC on UniSwap.
  • Exchange 101,010 USDC for 101,010 DAI on Curve.
  • Repay the 100,000 DAI loan plus a 0.09% fee, resulting in a total of 100,900 DAI for Aave.
  • Keep 110 DAI as profit.
  1. Carried out through a smart contract in a single transaction (about 3 seconds on the BSC network).
  2. No capital required, and there’s no risk of losing capital
  3. When you send the transaction, you either win or the transaction is refunded. You only pay a small gas fee, typically less than 10 cents.
uquant real arbitrage trade

MUQT Price Algorithm

The simplified function for the relationship between the token price, the total invested capital and profit is:

muqt price growth formula
  • At a capital and profit scale of 3.892 million US dollars, the token price reaches 1 dollar.
  • At a capital and profit scal of 16.2 million US dollars, the token price reaches 100 dollars.
  • At a capital and profiit scal of 55.12 million US dollars, the token price reaches 100 dollars.
uquant token pool chart


The x-axis capital and profit, and the y-axis reflects the token price.

The price scale of the token in correlation (capital – profit) with its value.

Participation Packages

  • Capital participation can be unlocked after 1 year and released on a vesting period.
  • All participation earning are paid daily in MUQT token

10 to 4999 USDT

  • 7% a month
  • Up to 300%
  • Repurchases required after 300% is earned

5000 to 9,999 USDT

  • 10% a month
  • Up to 350%
  • Repurchases required after 350% is earned

10,000 to 29,999 USDT

  • 12% a month
  • Up to 400%
  • Repurchases required after 400% is earned

30,000 USDT Above

  • 15% a month
  • Up to 500%
  • Repurchases required after 500% is earned

Unilevel Passive Plan

All unilevel commissions are paid in USDT except 20% of level one commission paid in token giving community to earn more token.

uquant unilevel passive income

uQuant Ranks

uquant ranks

Difference Model

Passive Rank Bonus Upto 40% (100% paid in USDT)

muquant passive rank bonus

Audits by CyberScope and CoinScope

Here are the published audit reports for MUQUANT. More audit reports will be published in the coming days. The Dev team is working on providing maximum transparency and building trust within our community.


MuQuant Explainer [English]


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